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Local Spirit Origin Story

Local Spirit Group
Established 2017
Ben Osborne Local Spirit Distillery Canberra.jpeg

Meet Ben Osborne, CEO and founder of the Local Spirit Group of companies. 

"My passion for creating products started when working in the bars of Canberra. Masterclasses and tasting were run for staff every other week. Meeting the makers and seeing the passion and love they have put into their products sparked my interest in further understanding how things are made. I am so excited to now be distilling, making wine and coffee products! 

You can taste and enjoy a high-quality product; but when you get to meet the maker, hear their stories, and see where and how it is produced it makes for an unforgettable experience. Join me in my adventures in the beverage industry. I can't wait to show you all what I have been working on for the last 5 years to get to where I am today and share what I have learned."

"From my time with coffee farmers, barista champions, award-winning coffee roasters, and cold brew experts. Let us dive further down the rabbit hole of coffee.

From my visits to over 50 distilling companies around the country, experimenting with new techniques and working with some of the most awarded gin distillers and master distillers in the world. I hope to make them proud with what I produce. 

From my time running winery tours around the Canberra region, working with winemakers and undertaking Wine and Spirits Education Trust certifications.

I am proud to present the Local Spirit Group - Unbreakable Australian Spirit.  Producing small batch Spirits, Wine and Coffee products, proudly made here in Canberra.

Cheers - @LocalSpiritBen "

Ben Osborne Local Spirit Distillery.jpeg
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