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Local Spirit Distillery

Single Malt Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
  • Single Malt Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

    A marriage of our two favourite things, coffee and single malt. 
    In our limited edition stainless steel reausable jerrycan style bottle. 
    "Can" go where glass can't. 
    Chills quicker than glass bottles, and won't get broken in your bag, should you be able to travel again anytime soon. 

    Using our specialty cold brew coffee.
    Made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. 


    Rich, smooth and clean with chocolate and caramel notes, which are then amplified and compliment the flavour of the single malt. 

    Using our custom built filtration system and cold brewing methods, we couldn't be more proud of this product. 

    500ml, 20% abv 
    Limited edition stainless steel bottle. 
    Made in "Can"berra 

    All natural, vegan friendly and gluten free.