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Local Spirit Distillery

Cheers Mates Ultimate Trio Pack. 3 x 200ml bottles

Try our entire range. For the adventurous/indecissive. Takes the guess work out of a gift for a single malt lover. 


Single Malt Apple Pie. 1 x 200ml

Green apple, organic cassia bark (Australian cinnamon) and a touch of brown sugar. You can almost taste the pastry! 

Our family's secret ingredient in our apple pie was always whisky, now we've brought the apple pie to the single malt. 

Single Malt Peach Tea. 1 x 200ml

Peaches, organic cassia bark (Australian cinnamon), blackberries, and a touch of sugar. Few things are more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. It's even better when you spike that tea with single malt, we have done all the work and its deliciously simple, just add lemonade or enjoy over ice.


Single Malt Coffee. 1 X 200ml

A marriage of our two favourite things, coffee and single malt. 
Using our specialty cold brew coffee.
Made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. 

Rich, smooth and clean with chocolate and caramel notes, which are then amplified and compliment the flavour of the single malt. 
Using our custom built filtration system and cold brewing methods, we couldn't be more proud of this product. 



Trio Pack 

3 x 200ml Bottles 

All natural, vegan friendly and gluten free.

Cheers Mate - Ultimate Trio Pack


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